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Military History Channel, Follow us and learn history from the people who were there. "Our Veterans" The American Legion! Post 214 and Museum. Our number one goal is to honor our veterans!

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Here are our videos so far.


WW2 Drill Sergeant Tells His Story! (A Fighter) - 16 minutes

World War two. We are still alive and well. We speak to you now! It's a blessing and an honor to be able "STILL" Speak to and listen to The Men that made this country Great! God Bless Drill Sergeant Bill Moore. He is 92 at the time of this video. Semper Fi.

WW2 German Guns (Hitlers Zipper) Included - 11 minutes

Machine Guns, Hand Guns, and the Potato Masher! PO8, MP40, MG34, MADSON, BREDA, And The MG42 Better known as Hitlers Zipper! Quote on D-Day "I wonder if we were successful because they run out of ammunition" At least 5000 Americans lost that day. We owe a debt of gratitude that can only be paid back by towing the line. (holding the ground that was won) Thank you Lance Corporal Peter Butchart for sharing your knowledge and for serving in the United States Marine Corp!

British Weapons of WW2 - 16 minutes

British Weapons. Vickers Machine Gun, Bren, Lanchester Sub Machine Gun, Sten Gun Mark 3 and 5, Enfield Mark 3, Winchester Enfield, Enfield 38 SW Revolver. Finally the 3.5 Rocket Launcher! See these weapons and the highlighted story behind them. Thank You to our Armed Forces and our Allies! Thanks again to Lance Corporal Peter Butchart for his Dedication and Patriotism.

Vietnam Soldier Bob Dill (interview/story) Ft Jackson, Hawaii, Vietnam. "Nuke Codes" #1 - 19 minutes

Bob Dill. Vietnam soldiers story keeps getting better. Starts at Ft Jackson and Ends as Colonel at the Pentagon! Nuclear Codes in Orbit, Shot at in the Shower! This story will give you a look at a variety of aspects in a solders life.. Bob Dill is the publisher of "The Times Examiner" in Greenville SC. Great story, Great life, Great man! Thank You for Your Service .. 26 and a half years in the Army.

Vietnam Soldier Bob Dill (interview) Continued. Protection in the Sky! #2 - 22 minutes

Kernel Bob Dill, Vietnam Soldier and now Publisher of "The Times Examiner" Continues his story of Vietnam. "Vietnam Soldiers talk to Vietnam Solders". Listen, Learn, and join in the conversation!

Mass Burial There and Steak Dinner Here. Continue With Real stories. Vietnam Soldier Bob Dill. #3 - 20 minutes

Real Stories from the Soldiers Mouth. Vietnam Mass Burial. Steak Dinners and Operations. Thanks to our Vets for Remembering and Sharing their stories, So we won't forget! God Bless this fine Soldier. Thank you Bob Dill...